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For First Time and Resell Home Buyers
Should I Buy A Home?
- What are the basic considerations when buying a home?
- What are the positives and negatives to home ownership?
- Why should I buy, instead of rent in this economy?
- How do I know if I’m ready to buy a home?
Finding My Home
- How can I determine my housing needs before I start searching?
- How do I begin the home buying process?
- Should I work with a real estate professional?
- How do I choose which real estate professional to work with?
- Should I sign an exclusivity contract with a real estate broker?
Paying For My Home
- How much of a mortgage can I get?
- Do I have to make a down payment? If so, how much?
- If I have bad credit can I still get financing?
- Do I have to pay any commission when I purchase my home?